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The Dark Dusty Shelves of my Mind
Musings of an Astute Nordic Dreamer
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12th-May-2011 09:14 pm - Writer's Block: A real eye opener
Which one book should everyone read, and why?

Wow… I haven’t been on in forever, but everyone should read Grimms’ faerie tales.
16th-Nov-2010 05:30 pm - Deliciousness
Which one book should everyone read, and why?

Hey there Darlin’s XD SO I was recently reading kats entry… AND by the way… NO it was jerky not Chicken wings… DIMBULB… All the other piles looked like bat guano

We Should KILL HER

No. No. NO. Mustn’t do that…. no…

Come on.. One little slip with the knife into her stomach… She wouldn’t feel anything.

No. Anyways. It was a beautiful picture of nekkid Gee in jerky. It was lovely. 

I hope it rots. -.-

Which brings me to the next subject. I am listening to MCR’s new album and I must say it is very different from their old stuff. still good though.

It is beautiful

I really like all of the songs.

Today I had a meeting at lunch so I didn’t get things thrown at me but yesterday, I got disgusting tomato soaked bread thrown at me and it hit my face which was revolting. It was dull without it though.

I can’t believe he would do that. It was so rude.

yes well… I will go finish my homework now. Farewell

I’ll be under your bed tonight with an Ice-cicle. 

Good bye loves
8th-Nov-2010 07:45 pm - Um… Ello… and Random Odditys
 Okay okay Hi… Yes it is I… Mad
oh yes yes… and frank…
 have decided to make a journal live because paper one’s and up killing trees and cutting mine fingers.
And also my partner in crime… Kat insisted upon it.
We could just off her and be done with the whole situation
no no no… that would be mean. We should make her cupcakes XD
Oh GOD… the whole gang is here….
You know it darling 
So anyways, today was a normal day I guess… I mean we had school and I didn’t do much of mine Homework 
Someone is a bad influence… *cough* frank *cough*
… *crickets*
Anyways at lunch I got strangled and sat upon and abused. And cinnamon toast crunch thrown at me
DOWN THE SHIRT… It has been in there ALL day
Yes.. Thanks to gingey… I should probably finish my homework… I have seven journal entries to write for english… 
Finish your homework why ever would you do that?!?!
Well so someday she can grow up to be a successful part of society
Yeah… So…  I went over to Kat’s crib today and chilled. I tortured the most amazing boy ever with pens.
Mmmmm… Delicious torture
… Indeed. We also put make up on him and talked about musician boys haha and Aragorn *swoon*
Oh and I suppose Jack Meridew too. Heh.
Kat will cut you.
Oh and My beautiful ring broke :(
And I need a lighter :O 
To burn people?
… not at all...
And anyone who reads this Is a glorious bastard in my book
No one reads this...
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